Czech Gambler Wins €266K Slots Jackpot

Czech punter JiriB won a €266K+ jackpot online playing Merlin’s Millions at EU Casino.

EU CasinoEU Casino Pays Out Big Again

A slots jackpot of €266,250 is an incredible amount for online slots play, but it isn’t the first time that the very popular EU Casino has been involved in such an event. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that EU Casino paid out an impressive €280,000 on Cubis, another very popular online slot machine. This time around was a little different, however, as JiriB managed the win on a just a single pull.

JiriB Wins Life-Changing Jackpot

JiriB, who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, was overjoyed and said that the €266K was certainly enough to transform life for him and his family. Interestingly, he never imagined actually hitting such a monster jackpot. He says he played online slots simply as a hobby and he was quite content when he was able to win just enough to cover his recent losses. He hadn’t even ever played Merlin’s Millions before, and tried it simply on the suggestion of a friend.

What’s Next for JiriB

The first order of business for JiriB is purchasing new home for his wife and children as well as one for his parents. Then perhaps he’ll consider purchasing a new car; after all, he’s never actually owned a new vehicle. After that, he’s not sure yet. While the jackpot is life-changing money, it isn’t enough to retire on, so he’s considering opening his own business or perhaps going back to school. With the help of his wife, he may be able to do both.

Not Done Yet

When asked if he was done playing online slots, he answered with an emphatic no. Online slots was what he loved to do in his free time, and he couldn’t imagine giving that up anytime soon. When asked if he’d expand his bankroll, he was thoughtful for a moment and then shook his head no. He would, however, make it a point to pull Merlin’s Millions at least once every sit-down.

Not Nearly the Biggest

Although €266K seems like a lot, and is certainly the largest EU Casino jackpot, it’s not nearly the largest amount paid out online. The biggest online slots payout ever is €17.8 million, which was won by a Finnish gambler on the Mega Fortune slots machine while playing at The record before that was €11.7 million, which was also won on Mega Fortune but at

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